Nia Reynolds

Car Key Replacement in Winnipeg

I lost my keys the other day while jogging through a park with my friend, I instantly called Car Key Replacement Winnipeg, and they made me a brand new car key. The process was so easy and it only took a few minutes. The technician was out to help us swiftly, and he was extremely nice to work with. The price was great and I was able to receive a spare key discounted. Thanks so much it was great doing business with this company!

Amanda Sino

Motorcycle Locksmith in Winnipeg

Getting ready to go to work this morning I went to start my car and the ignition was not turning at all! I called Car Key Replacement Winnipeg and in shock I could not believe they said they can be here in 30 minutes!! I was excited when they actually came on time. They are most definitely true to their word, he showed up quickly and was able to replace my bike’s ignition in under an hour. So glad I called you guys, thank you!

Joshua Fields

Ignition Repair & Replacement in Winnipeg

Coming home from work at 12am this morning my key snapped off in my ignition as I was turning it off. Mind you it is 12am, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find help, but the ignition specialist at Car Key Replacement Winnipeg promised me they’d be out within an hour. The tech showed up within that hour and was really nice, completed the service and explained everything to me as he was doing the service. Thanks for all your help and the useful tips on keeping my ignition turning smoothly.

Richie Peters

Car Key Programming in Winnipeg

Two days ago I lost my keys and bought one online I did not realize it had to be programmed. I looked up where I could get my key programmed and many auto locksmiths companies popped up. Car Key Replacement Winnipeg had the best reviews and everyone said they had a pretty quick response time. A tech was out to program my car key in no time, and it was perfectly done. The tech did an amazing job!

Carly Clarke

24-Hour Car Locksmith in Winnipeg

After leaving the mall I had realized I had lost my keys. It was extremely late, so I really didn’t think I’d be able to find someone to come out to assist me. Luckily for me, Car Key Replacement Winnipeg came out and they were able to assist me with everything on-site which was surprising and the price was really reasonable. Thank you so much for your help and being one of the few 24-hour car locksmiths in the area that is reliable!

Eugenia Harlow

Emergency Auto Locksmith in Winnipeg

I thought it was a good idea to lock my purse in the car with my keys. I completely panicked and called the police, but they don’t perform lockout services anymore. I asked around for help and was recommended to Car Key Replacement Winnipeg. Their emergency auto locksmith showed up quicker than the police would have and had my car opened in seconds. Thank you for your assistance, I’ll recommend you guys to everyone!